How the Ynion wealth started (the real Godfather)

Rommel “Mafioso” Ynion likes to tell sob stories about his younger years such as how they had to go to Manila to scrounge for a living supposedly after their father, Capt. Eugenio J. Ynion Sr., left them (he did not elaborate on the reasons). He worked odd jobs kay “gingutuman”, became a newspaper man writing obituaries and such and then got noticed by the bigwigs in business for whom he wrote “investigative reports” that soon landed him the editorship of the Shipping Section of the Philippine Star. As Rommel “Mafioso” Ynion says it, the fates smiled kindly on him and now he is a multi-millionaire who can afford to give free bread, housing, hospitalization, buy the Iloilo media and hire thugs to beat up anyone who publicly dare speak against him.

Adobo’s research led to some disgruntled sectors of the country’s shipping associations and the United Filipino Seafarers Association who said the father of Rommel “Mafioso” Ynion, Capt. Eugenio J. Ynion, used his connections at the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) to snake his way through lucrative contracts and other illegal business such as oil smuggling in the Baltic Sea and “paihi” of oil from other vessels.  His sophisticated style of doing business led him to wine and dine with other criminals groups in several shipping associations. This explains why sons Eugenio Jr. got into Le Soleil Shipping Agencies and Rommel into technical smuggling. They have their father who knows the ropes.

In Adobo’s next post: the sterling career of Capt. Eugenio J.  “The Godfather” Ynion Sr. that led to his great wealth.

Meantime, Adobo Ilonggo’s number one fan, Adobo Ilonggo Gwapo, is badgering that we post his piece on Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, arguing that the poor executive of Iloilo City must be defended against scurrilous attacks by paid media hacks.

Who is Jed Patrick Mabilog? (Part 2)

Accusations against a person must be checked against his professional background so that one can get an idea if there is any basis for the said accusations. One can sense a strong conspiracy against Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog as there is nothing in the internet that may cast aspersions on his persona except for sporadic ones from media mercenaries posing as journalists.

Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog with US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. during the ambassador's visit to Iloilo City.

So, why don’t we know much about the professional background of Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog? The answer is because Rommel “Mafioso” Ynion has already bought all major print outlets of Iloilo City (Panay News, The News Today, and The Guardian) and therefore sing paeans to him and vilify a duly elected mayor – a destabilization plot that is criminal and malicious in intent and a dangerous barrier to the progress of the city. Anyway, here’s more about Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog:

  • Centennial Awardee, West Visayas State University, Outstanding Alumni in the field of Public Governance for 2008
  • Awardee, University of the Philippines, Outstanding Professional in the field of Public Administration for 2007
  • Awardee, Ten Outstanding Councilors of the Philippines (TOCP) 2004-2007


Are we to say that Western Visayas’ top learning institutions and the TOCP are not doing their research and would give an award to a questionable character?



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4 responses to “How the Ynion wealth started (the real Godfather)

  1. paolo

    I think we go too much into personal lives of people, how about the COA reports and all that stuff? Do it mean that COA report on overspending and stuff are null and void?

    Also how about the price of the city hall? Man, my parents are law abiding citizens paying their taxes, so I guess it is in their best interest, as well as all the tax paying citizens in Iloilo city.

    Main topic here is the overpricing of city hall and COA reports. Can you give an insight?

    Again, I don’t give a fuck about Ynion or Mabilog. If I ever meet them, I won’t give my two cents worth either. Ang akon lang ang kurapsyun sa aton, ma kit-an gd eh. Nakita mo man na, bord? Hope u write articles about it, rather than about persons and how they all came to be this or that,

  2. Hi Paolo, good to hear from you. The reason why Adobo Ilonggo does not write about Iloilo City Hall “corruption” is that these remain accusations and would rather leave it to the courts to decide on these. Adobo Ilonggo, unfortunately, is not well-versed with numbers but pretty alert to destabilization attempts. And as for the persons we write about, these are all due to public demand. Adobo’s blog readers are asking for them. Have a good day, Paolo.

  3. paolo

    well, I have to admit. I am also a fan of yours. You got some stuff on the table which I find really interesting. 🙂 It keeps me coming back to your site.

    • Adobo is very flattered with the attention, Paolo but there is a cause bigger than just a blog. It is a sad day for much-vaunted Ilonggo journalism when all its heads such as former presidents of the Iloilo Press Club are bought by one pitiful obituary reader from nowhere. Diin ang pride nagkadto? Ang dignidad? Please help Adobo Ilonggo let the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism know this. Many thanks, Paolo.

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