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Rommel Ynion’s “Because” speech: We die die laughing

Rommel “Utangero” Ynion’s “brilliant” speech writer who had a “sword of truth” with him was blinded by a million and one promises when he wrote Rommel Ynion’s “Because” speech also called “Kleptomaniacs run city hall” last Sept. 29, 2012. This old geezer decided to make a similar one after hearing at the coffee shop how ridiculous and “trying very very hard” the speech was. Even Kalbo Nelson grew hair from the corniness of it.

Here is the revised speech with the same “sword of truth” that will make Danny Fajardo die-die crying and Leo Solinap ligid ligid shooting:

“Because of Rommel’s bipolarity, substandard thinking plague us.

“Because of Rommel’s blind ambition, stupid politics in this part of country has sky-rocketed.

“Because of Rommel’s deadly debts, our city’s hardwares are drowned in indignation at the slightest sight of Ynion.

“Because of Rommel’s hubris, the poor become poorer and Rommel Ynion will become richer.

“Common sense dictates that Rommel Ynion should not even sit in City Hall for it will create chaos and define our culture, our consciousness.

“Having said that, our job is simple. Let us make sure Rommel Ynion does not make it to City Hall to pave the road to a bright future for all Ilonggos.

“With God’s help, nothing is impossible.

With faith in our fellowmen, we shall keep on keeping on until the day breaks and Rommel Ynion flees away.”


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Trying really hard: Rommel “Utangero” Ynion and the politics of stupidity

Just from the morbid grin alone of Rommel “Utangero” Ynion, this old geezer would rather jump into Niagara Falls than contemplate this pathetic tax evader as mayor of Iloilo City. Very haslo of him to use the poor as “spring board”. It used to be anti-corruption but it didn’t work so let’s try the poor naman.

Say mo, Ginalyn Matilde, Manuel “Kerida King” Mejorada and Danny “Haslo” Fajardo?

Baydi anay mga tinawo mo para true nga mga pigado palangga mo!

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Adobo Comparisons: Results vs Hypocrisy

Wow. It seems I missed out on a lot this weekend. The Esplanade looks beautiful based on the photos I’ve seen.

Pacquiao to grace city Esplanade inauguration

By Lydia C. Pendon

ILOILO CITY – World class boxer and Sarangani congressman Manuel Pacquiao will grace the inauguration of this city’s Esplanade project along the Iloilo River on August 18, 2012.

City mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog here has announced that Pacquaio has accepted the invitation of Ilonggo senator Franklin M. Drilon to be with the Ilonggos on this special day of opening up the P70 million riverbank project to the general public.

The project along the Iloilo River is some 1.2 kilometer Treñas Boulevard road stretch which was widened and improved to enhance the beauty of the riverbank as a showcase of development.

Drilon was instrumental in the realization of the Esplanade project by tapping the services world reknown architect Paolo Alcazaren to design the project. Alcazaren was the one who built and developed the Esplanade project in Singapore.

Mabilog said the Esplanade inauguration will feature a mass, concert at the river, swimming, balsa and baroto races, padlding and other games at the river, fireworks and for the first time, a parade of lights at the river including presence of movie and television stars.

Definitely there is no selling of food at the area and those who wanted to join the fun will have to bring their own provisions or enjoy the many food stalls and restaurants at the nearby boardwalk area.

The city mayor said the Esplanade will cater to all residents of Iloilo City for strolling, jogging, biking, and fitness exercises.

Meanwhile, our favorite bipolar has yet to even prove himself trustworthy with his promises. One can recall the case of poor Rey Alcalde, who was promised help for his wife suffering from Cervical Cancer, and ended up with his hopes wasted by ” people in the media who pretend to be genuinely concerned with the plight of our colleagues but in fact have no heart at all, worse, they used the media to pursue their selfish interests”

His letter to this old geezer was:

Hi there,
I am an active media practitioner since 1988 and I can say I know most of the senior members of the media in Iloilo City.
I heard from friends about this Rommel Ynion, that he is a kindhearted man and very helpful.
Last September, my wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer and she underwent operation at the Iloilo Doctors Hospital. We stayed at said hospital for 23 days.
That period was, to me, the hardest days of my life and that of my three children as everyday, I needed about P10,000 for the medicines and laboratory fees that one day, I decided to seek help from my media friends. I was advised not just by three but more persons to see Mr. Rommel Ynion. I did and met Mr. Leo Solinap, the man who according to our media friends is the best man of Rommel Ynion. Leo and I know each otehr since way back and I was hopeful, he cold help me.
I told Leo of my predicament and all he could say then was that he would inform Rommel Ynion my appeal for assistance. Weeks past and nothing happened despite of my follow up calls and texts. The following month after her operation, my wife died. I again tried to contact Mr. Ynion thru Leo, still nothing happened.
I am very frustrated, not because Mr. Ynion and his Boy Leo did not help me. I am frustrated because we have people in the media who pretend to be genuinely concerned with the plight of our colleagues but in fact have no heart at all, worse, they used the media to pursue their selfish interests.

Rey Alcalde

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John Sapio: Back to the piggery

This Christmas season, several presstitutes have been called to the casa of pathetic Mafioso Rommel Ynion who himself does not have the balls to go back to Iloilo City  and one of them is top media presstitute (probably next to Manuel “Kerida King” Mejorada and Danny “Kuratong” Fajardo) John Sapio of Aksyon Radyo Iloilo.

John Sapio of Aksyon Radyo, one-sided worst practitioner of broadcast journalism

In the past months that he has been silent against the city government and Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, all of a sudden this week, Aksyon John Sapio came out with guns blazing criticizing the mayor like the city executive was the stupidest person ever and all of these accusations were baseless as for the moment there is no big news to pin these commentaries on and no issues whatsoever.

But lo and behold, John Sapio insists on creating a one-sided commentary because he just came back from Manila and was given a “Christmas gift” on the condition that he hit the mayor black and blue. And of course, he has to pay his debt of gratitude for the red Toyota Innova car that Mafioso Rommel Ynion gave him. What a terribly bribable presstitute this John Sapio is. Abi, John Paul, please hanut this man of yours. For more on John Sapio, read the following:

An open letter to John Paul Tia

John Sapio in full photo glory, courtesy of Mafioso Rommel Ynion

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Former activist calls NPA to issue statement on Jimena killing

by Lydia C. Pendon

ILOILO CITY – A former activist and chairman of Bayan Panay in 1998 to 2003 has appealed to the New People’s Army in Panay and Negros to issue an official statement regarding the killing of blocktime broadcaster Neil “Lito” Jimena in EB Magalona, Negros Occidental last Tuesday, 23, 2010.

Jeffrey Celiz, now working as a political liaison office of Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, said that mediaman Manuel Mejorada of The News Today has no legal basis and must stop insinuating his involvement in the killing of Jimena.

Mejorada is using Celiz’ past connection with the revolutionary movement to accuse the Iloilo City mayor, Celiz disclosed.

Similarly, accusing Mayor Mabilog as the brains behind the killing, Mejorada is a judge and executioner at the same time even if Task Group Jimena has not yet completed its investigation, Celiz said.

Celiz said the police investigation must not focus on just one angle but must also look into other possibilities of involvement of Jimena such as in quarrying, drugs and family relationships that happened outside of Iloilo City.

On the other hand, Mabilog has asked Police Regional Office6 chief, CSupt. Cipriano Querol Jr. to conduct a thorough and speedy investigation to the untimely death of Jimena at Brgy. Damgo in EB Magalona town.

Mabilog, chairman of the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) in Western Visayas, said that Querol’s action is highly appreciated to as to bring to light the real offenders on the death of Jimena.

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A decent analysis of the Lito Jimena murder: Look what you’ve done, Musa Amiyong

Adobo’s note:  Here is a decent analysis of events pre and post-murder of radio block-timer Lito Jimena, unlike the scurrilous and libelous “news articles” of Manuel Mejorada and Daniel Fajardo. Don’t you wish there were more Alex Vidals in this world?


By: Alex P. Vidal

POLICE Senior Inspector Musa Amiyong has a lot of explaining to do, first,

to the bereaved family of murdered radioman Niel “Lito” Jimena; and, second, to members of media in Iloilo and Negros.

It was Amiyong who recruited Jimena, 42, to become civilian agent of the Philippine Drugs Enforcement Agency (PDEA) several years back thus exposing the radioman’s life to danger.

If Amiyong did not enlist Jimena in the dangerous police operation, he probably did not suffer a cruel death last August 22 in Victorias City, Negros Occidental.

A radioman or any media practitioner for that matter, can’t serve two masters at the same time. There is always conflict of interest; and he ceases to be impartial once he wears multiple caps and lays his hand on a payroll outside his mandate as fiscalizer and purveyor of truth.

But because he probably thought he was incompetent as law enforcer, Amiyong needed to buttress his force by hiring the services of a mediaman to act as his sidekick. And Amiyong was so proud of this arrangement that he had no qualms telling all and sundry he was instrumental why Jimena was allowed to carry a firearm.


While having coffee at Dunkin Donut inside a mall in Iloilo City several months back, Jimena joined me in the table to ask my help regarding his relative who wanted to migrate to Canada. When I saw a short firearm tucked in his waist, I grilled him why he was carrying a deadly weapon when, as member of the Fourth Estate, he was supposed to be non-combatant (I am against the idea of allowing journalists to carry a gun. The pen itself is “mightier than the sword”).

Jimena told me he was “helping” Amiyong in the cop’s campaign against illegal drugs in Iloilo. In what capacity and how, he did not elaborate. How did he become instant police civilian agent while at the same time handling radio blocktime programs for politicians and businessmen was something that boggled my mind.

My worries reached a climax on August 22 near midnight when columnist Peter Jimenea texted me to inform that Jimena had been shot dead in Victorias City, Negros Occidental at around 6pm that evening.


According to police report, Jimena was riding on his motorcycle at around 5:45pm from Victorias City on his way to his temporary resident at Hacienda Teresa in Brgy. Alicante, E.B. Magalona, Negros Occidental when two men riding in a motorcycle chased him and started shooting him.

Jimena incurred two bullet wounds in the back that exited in the front of his body. When he tried to escape by returning to Victorias City, he lost control of his motorcycle and fell. At this juncture, the assailants came nearer and pumped two more bullets on his head.

Probers said Jimena was still breathing when rushed to the Silay City Provincial Hospital where he expired at around 6:30 p.m.


“Ka Peter” Jimenea also had misgivings of Jimena having ties with the controversial Amiyong whose credibility as anti-illegal drugs crusader is also a big question mark ( I have covered the police beat in the early 90’s and, more or less, I am familiar with Amiyong’s “talent”).

Probers are zeroing in on the suspects who also tried to kill Jimena in 2009 in Taytay Malago, Victorias City. In the first attack, Jimena was hit only in the leg and survived. Last August 22, they made sure Jimena was dead.

Many believed Jimena flirted with disaster when he decided to tie up with Amiyong. Probers theorized the hitmen could be hired killers or members of a drug syndicate that collided with Amiyong’s team.


Although he had also incurred the ire of politicians and private individuals in his blocktime programs in Iloilo City, the issues that Jimena handled were not so dangerous that would warrant his brutal murder.

Only those with primitive minds that harbor deep hatred and ax to grind against Jimena and his activities as Amiyong’s civilian agent would be emboldened to commit the dastradly crime, and Amiyong, as command responsibility, is not blameless for the death of Lito Jimena being his superior.

We condemn Jimena’s treacherous and senseless murder and demand immediate justice for our fallen comrade. Rest in peace, Lito!


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How much did Rommel Ynion pay Mike Jimena (Lito Jimena’s brother) to slander Mayor Jed?

The police must quickly solve the murder of block-timer Lito Jimena so as to give him justice and to stop the speculations on his killing and protect the reputations of those who are not involved in any way but whose names are being dragged into the unfortunate incident because of their political ends.

All speculations!

How low could you get, Rommel Ynion and how much did you pay Jimena’s brother Mike to point at Mayor Jed? And Mike Jimena, you are liable for slander.

The correct approach is a quick investigation.

Not related to politics. Do you get it, Boy Mejorada?


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