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May 30: The new power players of Iloilo City

Note down May 30, 2012 as a special date in your calendars, boys and girls! On this date, a new set of power trippers and wannabes will be announcing their candidacies during the International River Summit and when President Pnoy comes to town to inaugurate several projects.

And Adobo Ilonggo is announcing it ahead of them. Dandandaraaaaaannnn……………… Be very surprised:

Dennis Gonzalez for Congressman

Dave Jamora for Vice Mayor





Danny Fajardo dies dies laffing.


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Boy Mejorada and Danny Fajardo are ultimate users

Retired Air Force Colonel Oscar Lasangue should not allow himself to be used by presstitutes Manuel “Kerida King” Mejorada and Danny “Estafador” Fajardo. Both presstitutes use the statements of the poor retired colonel to bolster their claims about the “sinister move of the insurgency movement to infiltrate government” because Jeffrey Celiz, a former militant activist and beloved by Ilonggos, is the spokesman of the Iloilo City Mayor.

Following the convoluted logic of Mejorada and Fajardo, the likes of current Bayan Muna Sectoral Rep. Teddy Casino, former Gabriela Party List Rep. Liza Maza and three-time Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo also should be taken to task for “infiltrating the government” and being a “security risk”. With Casino as congressman, aren’t we afraid he has “unlimited access” to government intelligence information? And that he might pass it on to Maza and Ocampo who will in turn pass it on to the cadres in the mountains and oh no! We will have the countryside surrounding the cities and we will all be dead meat! Shudder at the thought, fellow Ilonggos! Oh no, Filipino people, watch out for those trojan horses!!!

Similarly, the Iloilo City government is doing their best to keep the peace.

City eyes continuation of

peace process in Iloilo 


by Lydia C. Pendon


ILOILO CITY – Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog here has assured protection to persons involved in the continuing peace process by hosting a dialogue between the military, police and leaders of militant organizations in the city in cooperation with the Iloilo provincial government.


The dialogue held Tuesday, October 4 at the provincial capitol focus on the reported resurgence of the red scare particularly in the city and province of Iloilo and the many issues involving activities of militant organizations here.


It was participated by Bayan Panay led by Hope Hervilla and Karapatan headed by Geobelyn Lopez and the military officials headed by MGen. Emmanuel Bautista of the 3rd Infantry division Philippine Army and police officials headed by CSupt. Cipriano Querol Jr. of police regional office based at Camp Delgado here.


Mabilog said the dialogue or “hinun-anon” in the local dialect, will hopefully set the parameters against alleged accusations of communist activities in the city and province with the city and national governments following guidelines of the peace process set forth by President Benigno Aquino III.


On the other hand, the military and police officials admitted that they both respect the communistic ideologies of militant organizations but firm against armed groups that advocate rebellion and overthrow of the duly established government.


The militant groups requested the authorities to stop red tagging against them as they are legitimate nationalistic organizations advocating peace and protecting the rights of the people through the bayanihan concept.


A letter complaint from an unidentified person was received by the military and police recently depicting the resurfacing of some individuals in the city who advocates communism.



Mabilog, chairman of the regional peace and order council (RPOC) of Western Visayas, admitted that he is willing to host continuing dialogues between the military, police and militant organizations to thresh out issues on peace and order in the area.


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Iloilo City mayor leads business campaign in Korea, China

by Lydia C. Pendon

ILOILO CITY – Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog here will lead an aggressive business campaign in South Korea and China this month of October 2011 to open the doors of this southern Visayan city to business investments and opportunities.

“We are now open to international markets and positively back on the business trail,” Mabilog said during the Board of Investment (BOI)-led orientation-seminar on the 2011 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) on Friday, September 30 at Sarabia Manor in this city.

Mabilog said his delegation composed of Ilonggo businessmen are leaving for South Korea passing the Incheon International Airport on October 8, 2011 to meet with Korean business leaders and local government counterparts and present business opportunities of Iloilo.

Mabilog said they are also going to discuss the possible direct flight between Iloilo and Incheon to take advantage of positive response of Koreans currently studying and residing in Iloilo City.

The Iloilo delegation is also going to Jeju City in Korea to present Iloilo’s business opportunities to Korea’s business leaders, especially for public-private partnership (PPP) on the P400 million Guimaras-Iloilo ferry terminal (GIFT) project.

Mabilog said he is also eyeing sisterhood and twinning agreements between Iloilo City and the two Korean cities.

On the other hand, Mabilog will also lead a delegation to Yulin, China on October 18, 2011 as official guests of the Chinese sister city. Another city sisterhood agreement will be forged between Iloilo City and Huabei City in China.

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Libel charges: About time

Mabilog to file criminal charges vs 5 persons

By Lydia C. Pendon

ILOILO CITY – Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog here is planning to file criminal charges soon with corresponding damages of P20 million each against five or six persons who had besmirched his reputation with imputations as being the mastermind in the killing of radio blocktimer Neil “Lito” Jimena.

Jimena was gunned down by motorcycle riding assassins last August 22, 2011 in EB Magalona, Negros Occidental.

The city mayor said his lawyers are studying the charges, specifically libel, against these persons who are mostly mediamen in Iloilo City working as blocktimers in radio programs and local newspapers financed by his arch critic, businessman Rommel S. Ynion.

The city mayor said he is very much aware of media work. But he also wanted the local media to practice responsible journalism and not just be accuser and judge at the same time without verifying the facts surrounding the killing.

Mabilog said the recent police report emanating from the police regional office at Camp Delgado here showed that the killing of Jimena was drug-related due to the victim’s work as informant of the police and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

Jimena, 42, married and a resident of two places such as Hacienda Teresa, Brgy. Alicante, EB Magalona in Negros Occidental and Brgy. San Isidro, Lapaz, Iloilo City before his death.

Early speculations from Jimena’s friends in the city claimed that he was killed due to his radio attacks and commentaries against Mabilog, which the city mayor denied and said he has nothing to do with the killing.

Mabilog, likewise, asked the regional police office and even the National Bureau of Investigation to help in fasttracking the investigation.

Police investigators take into account that way back in 2009, the victim also survived a liquidation attempt by 2 unidentified suspects at Victorias City in Negros Occidental who might also be the same suspects.

An incident under the Infante flyover in Iloilo City involving drug pushers and Jimena some four years ago was also taken into consideration.

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Common sense analysis of the “strafing”

Now, let us see what common sense can do in analyzing the “strafing” (a bullet hitting a glass window pane is a strafing?) at the house of one Rommel Ynion last Aug. 25 which he reported only on Aug. 29.

• Ballistics experts say the trajectory of the bullet was from above and far for an intended human target. This means it could either be a stray bullet fired by someone and unfortunately landed on Ynion’s window. The “ballistic identity” can be identified by experts.

• Manuel Mejorada or Mafioso Rommel Ynion’s retinue of body guards might have been playing tiro-tiro and so they should submit themselves to a ballistics test and cross-matching with the “strafing bullets”. And along that line, it is also best to check if the guards have permits to carry firearms.

Kerida King, can we improve the script please? So we would have more to laugh about.


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Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde meets with Rep. Jerry Trenas

As a Black Media operator who tells people he is “the new Bubby Dacer”, Mafioso and illegalista par excellence Rommel Ynion likes to hit people below the belt through his minions Danny “Kuratong” Fajardo in Patay News and Manuel “Kerida King” Mejorada in The Ngarag Today. One of those Mafioso Rommel Ynion likes to hit with malicious news when he runs out of issues against Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog is Iloilo City Rep. Jerry Trenas. But lo and behold, bipolar Rommel Ynion suddenly hugs him like they are long lost brothers (actually looks like gusto niya kug-on si Jerry) last Sunday at Starbucks. Oh by the way, what is Rommel doing here? Isn’t he supposed to be studying for his “Masters in Economics” at Stanford? Just asking, el senor butigo Rommel Ynion.

The very plastic Mafioso Rommel Ynion (right) hugs Rep. Jerry Trenas like they are long-lost brothers. Trenas is one of ilegalista Rommel Ynion's favorite whipping boys when he runs out of issues against Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog. He likes publicity so much, he has a photographer in tow. Because he is suffering from bipolar disorder, media mercenaries in Iloilo City have taken advantage of Ynion's illness and plants ideas on the poor man's drug-addled brains.


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Why all is silent on the Ynion front

If you have noticed, our dear Adobo Ilonggo fans, all is silent on the Rommel Ynion front this week. Only a few lies in Panay News from Danny “Estafador” Fajardo. Just some selectedd dysfunctional analysis in The Ngarag Today. No rabid fire-spewing blah-blah in Aksyon Radyo from Manuel “Kerida King” Mejorada.

Why is this so?

Adobo Ilonggo’s rabid readers have emailed and posited the following theories:

1. Rommel Ynion has ran out of financial ammunition. As you very well know, Danny Fajardo and Manuel Mejorada suddenly could not write or speak without seeing the peso or dollar signs. And, they also like x-deals but if there is none to exchange, the microphones go mute and the pens run dry.

2. There are no more newsworthy lies, este, news. After foisting news fatigue and lies upon its readers and listeners, Panay News and The Ngarag Today realized that they will be losing more readers if they offer no other news other than everything anti-Jed Mabilog.

3. Rommel Ynion and his media mercenaries have realized Ilonggos are smart and will not be fooled by their posturing and pretenses. And what do you get out of Black Media PR men like Mejorada and Fajardo? Just associating with them will lead to your family, friends and supporters running away like lemmings.

When this pathetic loser Rommel Ynion arrived in Iloilo in the last quarter of 2010, he came out with guns blazing but now, after being unmasked as a dastardly wolf in sheep’s clothing (the exact words of Manuel Mejorada when he was in the process of attacking Ynion so that the mafioso will buy his “silence”), he is like a dog with his cowardly tail between his puny legs.

Adobo Ilonggo’s readers are indeed more intelligent than Manuel Mejorada and Daniel Fajardo combined.

Hail, hail, Ilonggos!

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