Ynion the Tax Evader Chronicles Vol.14

Case 14: Rommel Ynion did not pay P9, 008, 437.50 in taxes covering July to September 2009.

Meanwhile, I enjoy this comment from Adobo Reader Neo Phyte concerning our favorite bipolar tax evader.

Neo Phyte: what he said were these:

Friends! Countrymen! Ilonggos!

Vote for me this coming election! Because if I win, I will make Iloilo City the best welfare state in the whole wide world. Many of you will live on blissful welfare if I win. You will have free
water, free lugaw, free loaves of bread, free jeepney rides, free gasoline, free etc. We will have zero corruption and almost zero poverty because of these freebies and good tidings. Yes, my dear Ilonggos! We will have zero corruption despite my fraudulent past.

I will give you lots of work to co-exist with this welfare state I am planning to make to eradicate poverty. And if I can’t fulfill all these populist election propaganda that I am now trumpeting, imprison me may dear Ilonggos. I am not afraid to be imprisoned my dear ones. I am so brave that I don’t have the courage to meet all the other election candidates in signing a vow for a clean and honest election sponsored by the Comelec. I have a heart for the poor, see? Many of these staged acts are publicized in the newspapers that I own.


Me, myself, and I.
r141 r142 r143

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