Rommel Ynion’s Platform and reactions

What do you think about this, Adobo readers? Personally, one track cliche concept with zero vision.

Rommel S. Ynion in case some people still don’t understand it, my platform is simple: Get rid of corruption and everything else will follow.

And the replies:

Jack Gallardo: puerte nga plataporma ba,hahaha…”there is no change if there is no total destruction”…get rid of corruption?..since i was 18 years old nabatian ko na xa mga politicians na,la japun nagtupa.
Anne Duran-Ledesma: Sir, as you have said, you dont prepare speeches because you speak from the heart. If your heart is full of criticism over the mabilog administration, how can we expect that your heart is for the good of all if it speaks negativity all the time. Your generosity is known to many as you have said, but generosity isnt generosity at all if in truth, you only pity people thats why you share what is excessive of you. I hope that you should first try to examine your real motives for wanting to run this city.
Bingbong Pablo: Ang budlay kay kun wala my ginahimo hambalon ang Mayor wala hinimoan.
Kun ang Mayor may ginahimo hambalon korakot kag damo lang kritisismo.
Nonoy Rommel gina pangayo ini sang tawo para indi sila mapirwisyo kun gaulan kag matapna ang pag baha2.
Mabal-an gid naton nonoy Rommel nga kun ikaw mag pungko mayor kag pangayuon ka pumuloyo drenaige indi mo gali pag-ihatag. te maano ka nalang mangawat? Delikado ka noy. . . Delekado! Musta si Bong Pineda Nonoy Rommel?
Mila Demapitan Celoso: corruption a lot of defination, u must specify what kind of corruption if u have evidence ,why u dont report,and we believe what we seen we dont believe if talking rubbish, prankly iloilo improve a lot,ti kay sin o ina idea sa tamaho. Kng isa isahon ang bag o ka iloilo,sin o pasalamatan bsan pa iya ka government money ,sin o pasalamatan ka mga tawo kay nag improve ang cuidad ka iloilo, dula pirme ka boring ko basa comment kag mag comment.
Alexine Elizabeth Alejano Jalandoni: @cedric reddy if and when mr. ynion can answer what’s being asked him here on FB, we might think 2x or give him a chance, but if the questions remains unanswered- shoud you give him your trust still? where did he get his money? we have heard a lot of talks about it, it’s time for him to clean his name because the talks are- it’s dirty money too

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