Ynion makes a joke about his daughter in critical condition!

“Paligayahin moko pleeeeeease!” and “hehehe”

This is the reply of Rommel “Bipiolar” Ynion after he received a message that his 1 year old daughter was admitted to the ICU, according to concerned Adobo Reader Lala.

She added:

“My god! A child is fighting for her life and he makes a joke out of it? I hope this guy is exposed for what he is – plastic! And how we wish he meets his karma soon.”

Before this, she sent me this message:

“We regret to inform Adobo Ilonggo readers that Mr. Ynion’s 1-year old daughter was admitted to a hospital last night and is now in ICU. Mr. Ynion knew about this yet completely ignored his “unfavored” daughter. The child’s heart has gotten weaker. She suffered from a stroke-like symptom and may not be able to survive this one.

Please pray for her. Her father may have turned her back on her, but we surely love her. Please pray for Sage Collette.”

Let us pray for this poor child that she may still recover.


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