Sentiments from an Adobo Reader

This is what Adobo reader Art Abra sent me which I agree to wholeheartedly:

Mr. Ynion will never be able to surpass the accomplishments of the incumbent mayor. The fact that he is a bad father, lousy businessman, pervert and estafador – these are sure signs that he just wants the prestige that goes along with being called “mayor”.

Let us remember that a deadbeat father is an irresponsible man and cases upon cases of estafa is a sign that a man has no respect for his obligations nor the value of palabra de honor.

If this man’s intention is to serve and do good, shouldn’t he start with those closest to home – his family, especially his children? How about the friends he double crossed? And the businesses which were forced to close because he did not pay foe the services or goods he ordered? What about the other people he duped? Or the women he disrespected?


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One response to “Sentiments from an Adobo Reader

  1. lala

    We regret to inform Adobo Ilonggo readers that Mr. Ynion’s 1-year old daughter was admitted to a hospital last night and is now in ICU. Mr. Ynion knew about this yet completely ignored his “unfavored” daughter. The child’s heart has gotten weaker. She suffered from a stroke-like symptom and may not be able to survive this one.

    Please pray for her. Her father may have turned her back on her, but we surely love her. Please pray for Sage Collette.

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