Adobo greets Happy New Year!

2012 was quite a year Adobo readers! Let’s gear up for 2013 with the adobo awards.

First up are the most read posts of the year!

Our favorite bipolar mayor wannabe leads with posts receiving the most views!

1. How Rommel Ynion got his wealth

Coming close second is his number one lackey:

2. Manuel “Kerida King” Mejorada and his kerida in full photo glory!

Readers are also very curious about the source of Ynion Wealth.

3. Where the Ynion wealth came from (Capt. Eugenio J. Ynion, the Real Godfather)

As with his “wife”.

4. Adobo’s photo of the day: Kathleen Marie Espina says goodbye

And lastly, about what the heck Rommel Ynion did do.

5. What Rommel Ynion Did Do

This year, the Hinaslo award goes to our favorite potty mouth: Rommel Ynion

And this year’s most popular screengrab is:

For another exciting year for this old geezer and fellow adobo readers, Cheers!


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