Wake up Call by Edward Oling

The Iloilo City is in the midst of progression, we are gradually rising in mediocrity. Who we need in the next succeeding years for Public service is no other than the one who made Iloilo City a better place for every Ilonggo, we have come far since Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog sat as the City Mayor.

What do you think will happen if a new administration will operate the city? YOU don’t have any idea! Why? because the other side has no qualified experience in handling diverse situations and concerns. Iloilo is going to pause the progress, or worst? is it is going to stop. I, WE (concerned Ilonggos) are calling for a WAKE UP call to those who might have been blinded by the bribery of the other side. I don’t want to HIGHLIGHT Rommel Ynion’s incompetence because this is not all about him. This call speaks only the TRUTH! We need to weigh things carefully. Because he helped you once, it doesn’t follow he will put you in pedestal for the rest of your lives. That is a promise Rommel will never fulfill, nor mayor Jed will, i must say that because it is indeed impossible, but what I would like to relay is that Mayor Jed may not be able to spoil us with riches like what Rommel is doing, but he find ways to help us stand by our own feet by being there to pull us up. He doesn’t give us PHONES, PORTABLE DVD’s or other material things which can be a cause of one’s tardiness, instead he give us livelihood projects and programs to which encourages us to strive for our own lives with his help, to be a better Ilonggo and to be able to help for the progress of the city. We need to cooperate NOW because the ILOILO is at stake, we might be just an individual, but if we come together to speak the truth we become a CORPORATION. we are BIGGER than what we thought, we are TALENTED that what we believe and we are STRONGER than how we seem. That is one thing I only know for certain Rommel Ynion will never make us feel. If we decide to change the administration, then the power is in our hands, the future lays in what we decide. Decide for what is good for everybody not just for ourselves,decide for what is good for tomorrow not just for today, TAKE A LOOK around you! who made all these changes? He was no other man than the one who runs the City NOW.


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One response to “Wake up Call by Edward Oling

  1. Lala

    Just an update on how good our favorite candidate really is..
    Two weeks ago his one year old daughter was hospitalized due to asthma. Thanks to the kindness of his heart, he paid the bill… after making them wait for two days. Then less than a week after, the child again had to be confined. It seems that that the baby suffers from acute respiratory tract infection and her asthma had recurred. As you can imagine, the man who loves the poor so much, was angry! It is impossible that a sickly child could be hospitalized twice in a row in a span of one week! Medically impossible, he says!
    And so when the time for the baby to be checked out came, just yesterday December 11, he made the poor mother wait. He INSISTED that he pay the bank with his personal check. PERSONAL CHECK?! What hospital in Manila accepts personal check? Even from the billionaire Rommel Ynion? Yes they accept checks, only from accredited HMOs. They will accept Manager’s check though, but then again Mr Ynion insisted on his personal check. Well, the baby’s mother suspects that it is his ploy, a tactic not to pay.
    Then he insinuated that he wanted to see his daughter… the mother refused. If he wanted to see his daughter he would have done so months before. Why now? Because he thinks IT IS MEDICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO BE CONFINED TWICE IN A ROW? Because he doubts if its true and would like to see for himself and not really because he is concerned about the child? Or because when he said WE WILL BE THERE he meant him and some other people who will stand as witness to his kindness? Or maybe a photo op?…
    And so the mother, who had to give up working to look after her sickly child, had to ask help from other people, friends who are truly concerned. They checked out late in the afternoon hoping still that Mr. Ynion, the man who loves the poor, the man who is true and sincere, will extend his help to his OWN CHILD.
    Mr. Ynion, true, you have been giving them some every now and then. But at what cost? So you can malign your daughter’s mother to other people? So you can insult and belittle her everytime she asks for help? If you want to help then help without conditions. she is thankful for what little dog bone you throw at them but dont belittle them.
    You say you are a good man, then where is that goodness? Are you a good person when you let your hounds tear her apart? Are you a good person when you call her and your child names? Are you a good person when they do nothing bad to you but you bad mouth them anyway?

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