On Responsibility by Adobo Reader Edward Oling

RESPONSIBILITY. it still is a word made famous by a famous superhero character “SPIDERMAN”. Ok so in case Rommel Ynion and Manuel Mejorada has still haven’t watched the movie, let me tell them the values learned from the film.

Peter Parker’s dying uncle told him… “with great power comes great responsibility”, so, to Mr. Manuel “Boy” Mejorada and Mr. Rommel S. Ynion, I encourage you to see the movie so the lesson will sink in your pathetic little brains, and you will be able to apply it yourself. The responsibility of a Mayor is not a joke (like both of YOU) so stop playing games. Leading the city of Iloilo is an impossible gigantic task even for the two of you combined. Nobody does it better than the one who is sitting now, he has done great projects and programs that none of the former mayors has achieved (don’t take it the wrong way) but I think Mayor Jed Mabilog would be glad to give you some pointers of what else you should acquire for you to be considered an eligible candidate. You have to be competent enough in order for you to outrun the administration of Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog, but I’m sorry, I don’t see you like that. As a matter of fact it amuses me to believe desperate people like you still exists. Your incompetence bring me so much amazement. There may be no dream too big for us people, but your ambition of becoming a Mayor has gone way too far, maybe, if you’d run for councilor, I would reconsider you (but I still doubt about it), because even running for councilor requires a clean conscience and dignity.. and I don’t think you have those either.

So, a piece of an unsolicited advice Mr. Manuel Mejorada and Rommel Ynion, you should enroll in a class with 10,000 units for RESPONSIBILITY 101. That would help you get started.

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