More sentiments from Adobo Reader Edward Oling

More from Mr. Edward Oling:

“If his empathy to poor people is genuine he could have just help the indigent ones without the need of running for Mayor, we don’t have to put ourselves in pedestal first in order to help the needy. All we need is a generous heart and an unconditional help. It may not be told, but I know it sinks in the sub conscious mind of people that this sort of “help” expects something in return. He could have just help this people long before he decided to run for Mayor, but why was it just now? That’s because ELECTION is fast approaching, and it breaks my heart to see just how Rommel S. Ynion utilize the public for his own purpose. If your intentions for poor people are all real, do it, don’t make false promises and stop providing them useless materials that could possibly lead them to tardiness, what does PORTABLE DVD PLAYER had to do to help the lives of people? To give them entertainment? NO!!! What the people of Iloilo need today is SECURITY when it comes to health, food, shelter, benefits, and employment, and thanks to Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog, these were all provided under his administration, I do surely hope you’ll (Rommel) soon realize that joining politics is not a game and a joke, it’s a serious thing. you are not experienced enough to serve the public. You have to learn a lot, and for real. Stop buying EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENTS, it’s not a good thing either. You might be able to fool everybody else, but i hope it doesn’t come to the point you’ll realize you are falling in your own trap, and believing in your own lies. I sincerely feel sorry.”


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One response to “More sentiments from Adobo Reader Edward Oling

  1. Art

    Mr. Ynion, if you really love the poor, if you are honest and sincere, why then can you not find the heart to look upon your ill daughter and her poor mother with compassion and understanding? Instead, you let them fend for themselves when they need help the most.
    You say that you have extended help to them far too many times and far too much already. But your daughter is ILL. She suffers from a lot of conditions. And we all know that medicines and hospital care costs too much. Why then would you put a stop to your “help”? When is too much really too much when help is given to a baby who needs it? Better yet, when does a father’s obligation stop? When financial support has reached a certain amount?
    If you really love the poor, start with the one closest to home. Start with the little helpless one. Instead of maligning them, especially her mother whom you duped, be a gentleman enough to extend a hand of understanding and support.
    Extending help does not always come with photo op, but it does help you win your soul back. And by being responsible for your own child, make a man worth looking up to.

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