Adobo Super Hot Spicy Breaking News: How Rommel Ynion knows Mike Arroyo

There is a reason why Rommel “Utangero” Ynion can never forget Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo. One can never forget the man who pointed a gun at you.

Adobo received the hot and spicy details that after the wake of late Representative Ignacio “Iggy” Arroyo, Mike Arroyo was so mad at our favorite questionable ‘businessman’, he pointed a .45 caliber pistol at Ynion for mishandling the P400 million from illegal numbers games. This ended with Mr. Bipolar Ynion losing his most substantial source of income.

But that’s not all. The same source shared that this ruthless utangero is scared of setting foot in Bacolod. This is because he is on the run, scared shitless of Boy Jalandoni whom he owes P80 million.

And this old geezer also hears that former comrade, Danny Fajardo is testifying against Ynion.

Things in Iloilo are steadily becoming more interesting.

Before we end, let us again read the frank statements of Mr. Edward Oling.

“OK, People, don’t you think this is a critical factor to become a leader?

A LEADER is not any different from a MANAGER. when you own a business, you instantly become a manager yourself. You should know how to manage your resources detail by detail. Who do you think can become a GOOD leader of Iloilo? Kung ni isa pa lng gani indi na makasarang mag padalagan sang maayo sang iya negosyo, ano pa guid ayhan kung Iloilo na ni ang gina handle ya? Gina panumdum nyo man na? Kung maayo xa mag manage indi ini maga sara? But why natabo ini? Kay man nagapabaya na sya kay man daw ya tanan. hay… duda lang ko gni kung nag agi sa FEASIBILITY STUDY nga gina tawag ang iya business. I’d like to educate you Manuel Mejorada After Dark Rommel S. Ynion, that a feasibity study is conducted to forecast if the business will survive in succeeding years. Good earth! I’m going to vote for Jed Mabilog kung amo man lang ni ang sample sang pag dumalag ya. Ka gamay sini, nalugi pa? People remember people, Pres. Noynoy Aquino once said, “our future is not for sale” indi kmo mag padala-dala sa kwarta nga inutangan.”



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