A message from an Adobo Reader

I would like to highlight one Adobo Reader’s Sentiments:
This is what a Mr. Edward Oling would like to say:
“Mr. Rommel Ynion, money is never a tool to measure ones’ dignity… Though most of the people would accept the money you will be giving away (if there really is), people would still choose those who really had their heart in to. Sa panahon nang kahirapan ngayon? Kunin at kukunin lang naman talaga ng Tao pera mo and would still vote for the one who deserves them… And he is no other than Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog, considering he knows better, he had the experience and he has excellent performances… A lot has change since he sat as the mayor. A lot of things has gone better. You still need to prove yourself Rommel. That’s what I had to say. Wake up Rommel don’t tell me you are still expecting to win this fight. You’re only a CONVERSATION while JED is a PRESS CONFERENCE, that’s how big he differs from you.

Rommel TIKALON Ynion kept on deleting this post of mine on his wall, and I wondered… Was there still some truth I missed to share? Hahaha”https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/248844_108272922672033_932437412_n.jpg


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One response to “A message from an Adobo Reader

  1. juke27

    bagay sa baboy nga abnormal…bisan sin-o ga hambal na abnormal ka!! wala ka gyapon ya kabalo!..ikaw nalng gro Rommel wala ka balo na abnormal ka…ang stanford indi pag gamita..wala ka ddto records!!hulat ka ang legal nila ma confirm..indi mo pagpakahuy-an ang stanford…mga normal nga tawo ang graduate dd2…email muko kay updan taka pakadto sa alumni sang stanford…ari lang ko dri sa palo alto..hulaton taka..

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