What Rommel Ynion Did Do

For the record, Rommel Ynion is the classic opportunist who realized too late that old world tactics do not fool modern Ilonggos.

Rommel Ynion bought legions of ‘mediamen’, two newspapers, Panay News and The News Today, for praise releases, which unfortunately backfired on him as they were more concerned with what will go to their pockets rather than fill in the holes of their fanciful stories. Remember the Secret Palace?  Stanford University? Rommel Ynion going to Parish?

Rommel Ynion owns several businesses but only one tin number, suspicious isn’t it? For more, read The many bogus companies of Rommel. They are all merely the skeletons to hide his real underground businesses. For more, go here.

Rommel Ynion bribed Dr. Rodolfo Ceballos of John B. Lacson for a diploma he has not earned. He even admitted it here.

Rommel Ynion staged a homecoming to Iloilo with headlines of supporters when in fact it was only a few paid people. Here is the photo of the event made to boost his own ego.

Rommel Ynion loves calling himself a philanthropist, but is he really? Let’s check here.

Rommel Ynion calls himself a business tycoon but he does not even treat his workers right.  He fired his chefs Mervyn and Ian Martinez, including the latter’s wife and sister-in-law who served as Ynion’s bookkeepers a week before BIR pressed charges. His workers also remain unpaid and uncompensated as written here.

Rommel Ynion fathered a daughter and refused to support said child, so much that the poor mother and a friend appealed help from me. See a glimpse of the full story here.

Rommel Ynion is a bipolar, and his drug dosages have been increased to cope with the stress he causes for himself.

Rommel Ynion and his lackeys are such a laughingstock they are digging their own holes, such that I never run out of things to write about.

Say mo, Boy Mejo?

Danny Fajardo “dies-dies” laughing!






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