Calling Aksyon John Paul Tia: Things you should know if you don’t know them yet

It is very unfortunate that the number one radio station in Iloilo City, Aksyon Radyo Iloilo, has scalawags working for them. It is also very unfortunate that their respectable station manager John Paul Tia, might lose his remaining respectability if he doesn’t deal with scalawags Joecel Bañas and John Sapio.

Here are some things the Ilonggos and John Paul have to know:

Here are the rest of the clients who hire and maintain the payment for regular monthly TULISANES OPERATIONS of JOHN SAPIO and JOCEL BANIAS, aside from the regular 20 thousand weekly allowance, Toyota Innova, caliber .45 HS made in Croatia all coming from Criminal Big Boss Rommel Mafioso Ynion:

1. 20 thousand pesos monthly from businessman Nelson Golez, (gamit ni Nelson Golez si Sapio para gub-on mga kompetensiya niya sa construction business like Felix Gurrea),

2. 10 thousand pesos monthly allowance from Passi City Mayor Jesry Palmares, (para pagawapuhon si Jesry Palmares, kag atakehon mga kontra ni Jesry sa politika, including Iloilo Schools Division Superintendent Raymundo Lapating),

3. Regular monthly allowance of 10 thousand pesos from Pavia Mayor Arcadio Gorriceta (para todo pagwapuhon si Cadio Gorriceta, kag atakehon mga kontra sa politika ni Cadio like Cong. Boboy Syjuco and former SB Member Bing Gonzaga),

4. Chief Engineer Ramon Espeja of Camalig Jaro [naghatag kay TULISANES SAPIO sang 30 thousand pesos para tani maareglo kag madula ang eskandalo ni ESPEJA sa pagpinalupok pusil sang New Year’s Eve…],

5. Businessman Ponso Tan [ libre ang breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffe, dessert, hotel room, tanan sa Hotel Del Rio—para lang untatan ni ni TULISANES SAPIO ang pag-atake sa kay Ponso Tan nga mga projects]

6. Regular support of undisclosed amount from the gang of former Brgy. Captain ANTAK ESPINOSA of CLUP Compound [ para atakehon kag banatan kag ipa set-up si Jing Jing Espinosa sa kay PDEA Regional Director Yogi Ruiz, kapareho sang set-up operations ni SAPIO nga gin finance ni NELSON GOLEZ para hanuton si JONJONG BALLEDOS sa Veteran’s Village kay akig si Nelson Golez kay Balledos bangud sa iya anak suki ni Balledos…amu man ini ang current transaction ni SAPIO TULISAN sa grupo ni ANTAK ESPINOSA KAG toto E., para ma set-up sa PDEA si JING JING ESPINOSA nga kontra nanday ANTAK kag TOTO E.]

Aksyon John Paul Tia, ball on your court.



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2 responses to “Calling Aksyon John Paul Tia: Things you should know if you don’t know them yet

  1. AdoboIlonggo, it’s been a long time…Really Aksyon Radio has no sense of reputation for allowing their anchors be paid and create unproven allegations. I tried to listen on the radio program of SAPIO but sad to say, he is really pathetic for everything he says…so bias and trying to be dignified person but who’s to fool? Mr. Sapio deserves NO RESPECT, one-sided mediaman. I can’t imagine that “The Home of Noble People, Iloilo” stained with indecent and money-pulated person such as SAPIO. A challenge to SAPIO, come out in the open and reveal who you are working with and what are you trying to prove? Haven’t you noticed… you are such a LOSER.

  2. jack

    sa adlaw2x nga tanan Aksyon Radyo gd ko ya pro ang kay John Sapio ni ya nga style indi gd ko bilib ah..

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