How Rommel Ynion got his wealth

According to Manuel “Boy” Mejorada:

Rommel S. Ynion enjoying his foreign travels

Rommel S. Ynion came to town peddling a rags-to-riches story. A college drop-out he worked as copy reader and then reporter for the Manila Bulletin and The Philippine Star. Then his fortunes changed in 2001 when he supposedly went into business and became super-rich. With this story-line he started to spread his wings and make his presence felt in the community.

Quickly he bought a 6000-sqm. property in the posh Puerto Real de Iloilo in Lapaz Iloilo a whole block and built a glass-and-steel house worth an estimated P150 million. With his background as a journalist Ynion bought a local newspaper The News Today reportedly for P3 million. He also began renovation work on the Royal Palms Hotel on Gen. Hughes St. and prepare to launch a new hotel Bali Suites. His collection of expensive cars only served to cement the image as a super-rich businessman wanting to help propel Iloilo to becoming a boom town.

Strangely Ynion kept his background in business under a shroud of mystery. His publicity articles only describe him as a hardworking tycoon with interests in shipping coal and oil garbage collection construction and real estate development. He claims to oversee his supposed financial empire from several companies Maxposure Media Group Solid R One (construction) and Stavros (restaurants). Beyond such sketchy information virtually nothing exists about Rommel Ynions businesses that accounts for his fortune.

After nearly two weeks of digging I have obtained enough information to piece together a clearer picture of the real Rommel S. Ynion. And the word fraud leaps to mind as the evidence unmasks the truth about his wealth and the lies he has peddled to the local community. This should explain to the public the reason why Ynion is now spending half a million pesos on radio block times just to attack me and try to destroy my credibility. He is also paying Panay News P50000 a day to spread similar lies.

His methods are diabolical but these cant stop the truth from surfacing.

First Ynion lied about the supposed companies that propelled him to great wealth. He points to Maxposure Media Group as his anchor company.

There is no Maxposure Media Group registered with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Every businessman big or small knows that a business name needs a business name registration. Ynions right-hand man Samuel Jonathan Ng knows this. Ng had once falsified DTI documents to make it appear a business name he used to corner a multi-million contract for computers at the TESDA (yes hes the same Samuel Jonathan Ng who sold the P6.2 million ghost cell phone project of Boboy and Judy Syjuco four years ago).

Ynion borrowed a legitimate business name of a big advertising company in New Delhi India to make it sound believable. Can you believe that a successful advertising outfit has no visible track record on a Google search? PR and advertising depends on potential customers knowing your reputation but Ynions version of Maxposure Media Group has literally zero track record. Perhaps he reckoned Ilonggos are so dumb nobody would bother to check his story.

Solid R One is a shell corporation registered in the United States. It was incorporated only in March 2010. From what I know of shell corporations it is one of those tax havens used by individuals trying to launder money. According to a reliable source Ynion owns a Mang Inasal franchise in Davao City which he bought for P6 million less than two years ago CASH as in paper money in bundles.

There isnt an iota of evidence that Ynion was ever a business tycoon in the real sense of the word.

How could it happen that a magnate or tycoon own a business that doesnt even show up on a Google search except for one or two PR pieces about him? In this modern world you dont business that way – legitimate business that is.

A top-ranking Customs official hasnt heard the name Rommel Ynion. Strange isnt it? If Ynion is engaged in shipping or in the business of export and import his name should be in the radar screen of the Bureau of Customs. Ynion must have been doing his business under deep deep cover.

What I have ascertained is that he is the principal figure in Around D World Gaming Corp. His name doesnt appear on paper but its become clear he is poised to become the jueteng lord of Iloilo. Jueteng thats where his vast fortune came from. According to my sources Ynion managed to earn the confidence of the Arroyo brothers sometime in late 2001 and was given the task of managing certain areas for jueteng. Jose Pidal is a name that most Filipinos associate with jueteng and this was the period Ynion amassed his fortune working as trusted aide of Iggy Arroyo a.k.a Jose Pidal and former FG Mike Arroyo.

Last night I received this text message from former Vice Governor Roberto Obet Armada: Behind every great fortune lies a crime DonVito Corleone. Actually this quote is borrowed from the great writer Honore de Balzac. But it does fit into this story. Nobody makes such a vast fortune in a matter of 10 years unless maybe he is Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.

As I wrote in an earlier post Ynions lifestyle reminds me of Mafia dons and Columbian drug lords. He has heavily-armored SUVs in his garage and always accompanied by a retinue of bodyguards armed with Israel-made micro-Tavors. He also likes to invite individuals with a history of violent crimes in his household and show them off to media like a kennel of snarling Dobermans ready to attack and kill those who try to block his path. He is determined to keep everybody quiet about where his wealth came from.

This gives a perspective on why Ynion has mounted a vilification campaign against me in the local media. He thinks he can tear me apart with his lies and force me to surrender. Nobody has told him that these are the same dregs in media who were engaged to carry out demolition jobs against me for many years now. Somehow I have survived and I believe another round of these radio and newspaper demolition jobs will not hurt anymore.

Ynion however is now exposed as a fraud. And I point an accusing finger at Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. for trying to make Iloilo province jueteng-land by forging this partnership with Ynion.



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17 responses to “How Rommel Ynion got his wealth

  1. paolo

    Hey Adobo Ilonggo, do you make articles like this all the time? I mean weekly or so.. These articles are sooooo funny, hilarious, and interesting.. I don’t care who the topic is, I just find it funny.. At least, I got something to do in my past time here.. reading about prominent figures back home.. I hope you do both sides, like this thing for Ynion and also about Mabilog or Trenas.. It’s really entertaining, and I love reading it.. Don’t get me wrong, I have no sides in the issue.. (Though I personally know Jerry’s kids since we went to the same high school, and also a close friend of Mabilog who was my college buddy back then)

    Please keep me posted if you have new articles.. Heads up for Iloilo. 🙂

    • Hola Paolo. Glad to know you like Adobo Ilonggo. This old codger uploads articles almost daily. As you can see, there is no end to politics here in Iloilo. Iloilo will never run out of stories. Adobo Ilonggo does not include boring personalities like Jed or Jerry. I want to spend time on colorful mafioso characters like Rommel Ynion and buy-able media mercenaries like Manuel “Boy Tulisan” Mejorada and Danny “Kuratong” Fajardo. They make life in Iloilo City interesting. Just check Adobo Ilonggo everyday kung waay ka na gid sud-anon. I miss America and all its boredom. Ha ha.

      • paolo

        Checking your site once again haha.. Nice blog posts..
        Have you heard of the recent Duterte incident in Davao, where she punched a court sheriff.. Sadya man tani kung may amo ina sa aton sa Iloilo.. 🙂

  2. i live in Bacolod City it is intersting to read dis article which i always read in the website iloilo thread.also.all the people there ther topic is Rommel ynion and Gov deafensor,in my school lasalle bacolod there is many Iloilo people der to study and they always the topic is the two controversial people der.

  3. Laban laban si Rommel na guro madapal kay Boy Tulisan kay puros backfire ila mga padihot. Albatross na si Boy bisan kay sino.

  4. kicker

    I used to like reading panaynews…made it a daily habit actually until panay news made it a habit to talk about Romel Ynion in every issue. The owner of panay news seems to like kissing the ass of this Romel guy…. or vice versa!

  5. mee

    Hello adoboilonggo! I’m an OFW and planning to go back to Iloilo to start a business, so I am making myself updated. Read some stuffs, listen to news and even talk to my friends’ way back there. My favorite topic is everything about Iloilo.

    You have a playful mind that makes me interested reading your articles. How irony person like Rommel Ynion, desperate in such a way stabbing one’s back inorder to be known. I am not anti-politics for it is already part of our lives whether we like it or not. But, the issue here is Rommel Ynion wanted to make a blockbuster movie and he is the lead actor. He is investing millions of millions for the press releases and even seeking sympathy of the public. He appears to be a philanthropist of the poor but the truth, there is no such thing as free lunch in this world. At the end, he will reap all he sowed. I think he is looking for trouble and I believe he will end up in trouble.

    Treñas and Mabilog administration is more improved and progressive compared to previous and for Rommel Ynion and his allies; everything you do is obviously…FOR YOUR POLITICAL WILL ONLY…

    And, adoboilonggo…thanks a lot for letting me share my views here! More power!

  6. Edgar

    It’s like the Yin and the Yang, one makes the other possible, and they make the world of the worldly. But sooner than later lies will be uncovered, because He knows what is in everyone’s heart.

  7. Hernando H Siscar Jr

    Please send your posts to my email, if it is possible.


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  9. nikki

    hi adobo ilonggo, this site is really entertaining considering that I have lost track about iloilo city..never heard ko si ynion, now i know who he is and his background…ka diriiiiiiiiiii!!! And look whos talking now-BOY MEJORADA…after attacking this tycoon, is now kissing rommel’s ass nga daw ido buang

  10. rydz kae

    i pity boy mejo,hahaha..

  11. sam

    Hi, I know this asshole…his crimes and dirty secrets. if u want infos, i can provide you some. just message me

  12. shaman

    kawawa naman yong “fiancee” ni Ynion na si Kathleen Espina, mukhang wala siyang idea kung ano ang pinapasok nya sa relationship nya with Mr. Ynion, and worse, pakakasal sya. mukhang nasilaw sya sa mga regalo na Hermes bags, Bulgari jewelries, kotse, travels abroad, and one Janet Rebadulla is claiming na sa kanya galing yong mga iniregalo ni Ynion kay Kathleen na hindi pa pala bayad at yon ay puro inutang ni Ynion. My God. Sana magbackground check muna si Kathleen Espina.

  13. monay

    ah, it seems that there is something missing here. according to my friends from luzon, ynion got so rich due to his gma boys’ connection. ever heard of oil smuggling during gloria’s time? on top of that, they have high powered fire arms as well. you see, they’re preparing for war. we dont have time for these wackos who will spew deadly bullets whenever they roam around the city. if they just stand up and do what is best for them and stop attacking others, they may have a chance, for a tenth place councilor that is

  14. JACOB


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